David Tomen - Natural Health Copywriter

From the outside, David Tomen doesn’t fit into people’s traditional perception of what a natural health copywriter should look like.

I think that’s a good thing. A GREAT thing. It’s what’s on the inside that counts.

Today’s natural health-conscious customer isn’t wearing a kimono with crystals hanging from a piece of hemp twine.

He’s a professional playing at the top of his game. She’s blasted past the glass ceiling. Or a college kid just trying to pass her exams.

In a copycat world of natural & alternative health offerings you need to stand out. You need a message that speaks to the mind of the person doing their best to live a healthier, happier life.

So, I practice what I preach. Part of how I demonstrate how I’m different from most other copywriters you’ll run into. I use your product. I’m your customer.

I’ve had the spinal fusion surgery. Been knocked on my back with thyroid and adrenal issues. Brain fog so bad I couldn’t remember what I had for lunch yesterday. And figured out how to work my way through it.

I don’t like to just think I’m different. I know I am. After reading the following, and my About page, hopefully you will too.

Unlike most copywriters, I have over 25 years of sales & marketing experience. This influences every word I write. I’m a salesman.

Professional copywriting and email marketing combined with direct-sales experience produces winning, persuasive copy – and more sales. It speaks to the mind of your customer.

You get copy on-time, with fewer re-writes. No hand-holding. Professionalism.

No surprises, but the process will vary slightly based on the project. I have a system that I follow for every project.

  • First things first: What are you trying to do? Your ultimate goal. Are we a good fit? Am I the best person for the job? What steps need to be taken to get you there? What is your deadlines and budget? Put together an agreement and initial payment.
  • Research: I’ll talk to your scientists, doctors, suppliers, customers and even your customer service people. I’ll research the hell out of what you sell. I’ll take a look at your current and past campaigns. Find out what your competitors are doing.
  • Putting it together: Gather all the research and summarize. Get your approval for the direction of the project.
  • Outlining your project: We figure out how best to get the job done. It could be lead generation, or list building strategies. Could be an email campaign with landing page. An autoresponder series. Article marketing. Website content.
  • Write the copy: Writing, editing, tweaking. Your review. Re-writes if necessary
Guarantees. You can be sure I’ll guarantee your satisfaction with the copy I write for your project. If your not happy or 100% satisfied, I’ll revise the copy according to your specific guidelines.

However, I cannot guarantee a particular result after the content is put into use. The Direct Marketing Association’s Code of Ethics prohibits me from do so. Here’s why…

There are many parts of the marketing puzzle that are completely out of my, or your control.

Customer demand for your product or service, the pulse of the economy which could affect your market, consumer preferences, the stock market, peace negotiations in the Middle East, Wall Street, or any other cataclysmic event.

So I can’t guarantee specific results. But I will absolutely guarantee your satisfaction with my work before you test or use it.

I do all the writing myself. However, I often partner depending on the project with a graphic designer, or researcher. But the buck stops here. I’m responsible for the work you ordered.

It depends. Often I’m booked a couple of months in advance. If there’s anyway I can put you ahead of the queue, expect to pay more than my standard fees.

My biggest concern is doing the best job possible for you. It typically take 2-3 weeks to do the appropriate research and create your copy. Including editing, revisions, or re-writes.

Let’s discuss what you need – we may be able to come up with something that will work for you.

I charge by the project. Not by the hour. Seems only fair, doesn’t it? If it takes longer for me to do a project than we originally estimated, it’ll be on my dime.

Once we figure out what you need I’ll determine the work and time involved, and come up with a price. Expect to pay professional copywriting fees.

If your budget it tight, you don’t want to or can’t write it yourself, or you view copy as just words on a screen, I suggest you shop around. Hire the cheapest you can find.

To generate better SEO, more leads and sales, then going “cheap” will not get you the results you need.

For any copywriting or consulting project you have, and quality and results are important to you – let me know what you have in mind. And I’ll quote you a price for your project.

My fees include all the work we plan advance, and up to two revisions as required as long as the scope of the project remains the same.

Revisions must be requested within 30 days of receipt of your copy. Revisions do not include a change in the assignment after the copy has been submitted. That’s a new project and I’ll provide a quote if you like.

But let me say this. We’re two people working towards the same goal. I want you to be satisfied with my work. And a referral when I’ve completed the project.

If you’re not completely happy with the original project I’ll revise it according to your guidelines … at my expense and within reason. Fair enough?

Does a dog chase squirrels? (Well, mine chases iguanas but that’s a whole other story). 🙂 Opposite sides of the country, or the world is not an issue.

With most clients meeting in person means a Skype call, a Google Hangout, or on the phone.

If for some reason it’s absolutely necessary for us to meet in person, we’ll discuss it at the beginning of the project. If I need to tour your plant or facilities it can be included in the project quote.

Contact me – and let’s talk about your goals. During the initial meeting we’ll decide if we’re a good fit. Once that’s decided, we’ll go to the next step and agree on details of the project. An agreement is signed, and 50% of my fee is paid before work begins.

I provide marketing consulting services, and write for your projects. I can partner with graphic designers, printing or fulfillment houses, and list brokers as needed.

My specialty is writing direct response copy and email marketing. I can’t stand coding, hosting or site maintenance. Been there, done that and won’t do it any more.

But my extensive marketing experience can be included as part of a consulting project where I keep an eye on the geeks if needed.

If you need a press release or speech written give me a call. Distribution of those releases is best left to specialists who handle press release distribution.

If you already have some of the suppliers I’ve mentioned, I’m more than happy to work with them.

I’ve worked in a couple of dozen industries from private air charter, alternative health, pets, mobile, travel, financial, to yachting. My engineering partner in the Caribbean, David Mullins and I used to joke about our “MacGyver” attitude. 🙂 We just figure it out.

The alternative and natural health industry is of particular interest to me. Please take a look at my LinkedIn profile, and the About page on this site. And you’ll understand my passion for helping people live healthier, happier lives.

Over 25 years in sales and marketing includes startups, multi-nationals, Boards of Directors, IPO’s, and funding. I’ve worked with engineers, IT pros, investors and VC’s, and business owners.

So if your business is B2B or B2C, chances are I have worked in similar situations in some form at one time or another.

More than 25 years in sales and marketing internationally. Direct Response Copywriting and email marketing is a full time job for me. It’s how I support my family.

I’ve invested a significant amount of time and money in continuing education. Worked with some of the best in the field including Mark Joyner (helped build his email lists from 245,000 – over 1 million in 2 years), John Carlton, Joe Vitale, Joe Sugarman, Clayton Makepeace, Gary Halbert, Michael Masterson, Jay White, Big Jason Henderson, Ryan Deiss, Jeff Walker, Perry Marshall, Ben Settle, Jason Leister, and more. Too many to list here.

As a member of, and graduate of American Writers & Artists, Inc. (AWAI), member of the Professional Writer’s Alliance, and Circle of Success – I’ve learned from and have continual access to the best copywriters in the world.

I’ve earned my spot as one of the top 5% of the best copywriters in the world.

So… Let’s get started! I promise you will be delighted with the results.

Contact me now so we can discuss your next project. Or one you need help on right now. There’s no charge to discuss your job, or for a cost estimate – no obligation to buy. I’m not a high-pressure salesman. Don’t need to be. 🙂