While I’d prefer to be chatting and getting to know you in person, I’m happy you’re visiting my services page. Before we get started it may be helpful to know that when working on your copy I’m leveraging 25+ years of real-world sales & marketing experience.

I bring a sales and marketing mindset to the table; I write to sell, not just to communicate. When we do get around to speaking in person the very first question I’ll ask, “Who’s your audience?” That first meeting will include a series of related questions; asking about your product, the competition, your market, and what makes you unique.

The information from our first conversation will then drive the tone and voice of the piece you hired me to write. I’ve done copy for dozens of products and services. My portfolio page will show you samples for private jet charter, nonprofits, yachting, FOREX, the pet industry and more. Each market has a unique way of communicating. One of the advantages of 25 years in sales and marketing is the ability to get up-to-speed in nearly any industry fast.

Here’s a sampling of services to start. If you don’t see listed what you need, please ask. I’ll let you know honestly if I’m the right copywriter for your project. That’s a promise!

Web Site Copy

Given the ever-shorter human attention span, web writing demands the ability to create copy that grabs your customer’s attention immediately; before they click through to your competitor’s site. Website copy must be short, punchy, and easy-to-read. Formatting and an in-depth knowledge of SEO are critical. I don’t like to admit that I’ve been doing copy for websites from the beginning of the World Wide Web in the early ’90’s.

Marketing Emails/Landing Pages/Autoresponders

Great email copy still trumps social media for ROI. I’ve built and managed email lists of up to 1 million subscribers, and kept them as subscribers over the long-term. That success is possible with great copy and autoresponder sequences, good list hygiene, and fantastic products. The ONLY goal of a landing page is to get the visitor to convert (i.e. download the white paper, buy the product, or sign up for the webinar). The best marketing copywriters know how to restrict navigation and links on Landing Pages – nothing to distract your potential customer.

Video Storyboards & Scripts/Audio Scripts/Multimedia

Video sales letters are more popular than ever, and if you’ve listened to many radio ads lately it’s clear there’s a shortage of good copywriters. 🙂 Scripting for a video sales message is different than a long-form sales letter. Brevity is key with video email signatures that often link to a 30 or 60-second commercial, product teaser, or marketing brochure download. I’ve even written storyboards for animated videos.


Internal Newsletters are used for your employees to provide information, motivation, recognition, and employee input. If you strive to have “everyone on the same page” hire me to write your company or division newsletter. External Newsletters are typically designed to create a bond with your customers, to be informative and engender loyalty, and even make them feel they’re part of a special group. eNewsletters are often used in a autoresponder sequence scheduled to go out at the same time each month, and can be used internally or for our customers.

Content Marketing/Blogs

Content Marketing is all the rage which is kinda’ funny because content marketing has been around since they first started printing newspapers. Content Marketing can take on a variety of forms including web pages and blog posts. With the latest Google update you must have a well-written and frequently updated blog if you want to keep your top ranking in the search engines. By featuring issues important to your target audience, you elevate yourself above the marketplace din. When you hire a marketing copywriter like David Tomen to write your blog posts and pages you strengthen the relationship with your target audience, and drive more traffic to your site.

Case Studies

If you want an engaging way to tout your success have a Case Study written. Case Studies are like testimonials on steroids. They are stories that sell, and you need look no further than a satisfied customer. Offer them as a download in exchange for a customer’s contact information and you have an easy way to quickly build your list.

White Papers

A White Paper is a cross between a magazine article and corporate brochure. They blend authoritative and informative content with the persuasive elements of a brochure. You use them to educate and influence prospects. White Papers are an amazing lead generation tool, can be used like a sales brochure, and when online are given priority indexing by the search engines (i.e. great for SEO!). IT professionals almost exclusively rely on White Papers to make purchasing decisions. There is no better lead generation tool than a White Paper. I’m a marketing copywriter with 25 years of sales and marketing experience ready to write that White Paper for you. Make the call today.